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About us

VOX IURA is an institution created with the vision of enlightening law students through an integrated social approach. It is the brain child of two like-minded individuals, who had the vision of creating legal awareness and developing the required skillset of law students and practitioners. Blogging allows you to share your opinions and thoughts on different topics and our unique format of working would uplift the students of law to become eminent legal luminaries in the future. We tend to guide them through various aspects of a legal career by launching an array of programmes and by conducting several competitions that would help in improving the advocacy, researching, drafting and judging skills.

The institution not only works for enhancing the members of legal fraternity, but for the betterment of society, as well. This institution would remain as a bridge between law and society in creating awareness among the general public by providing legal insights on daily basis and by launching community programmes in schools.

As the name rightly indicates, VOX IURA, the voice for rights, would represent the interests of the society and public in various issues that they confront every day. We strongly believe that law protects people and so people obey the law and we work for it.

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